Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I wrote about Toyota empire and it’s glory before. It’s fallen down like the Gorilla. We as Malaysian still do not feel the economy turbulence as we have our own resources. The cycle will come at least we have already prepare to counter it when it comes.

Japan Has Forex Reserves Worth 1 Trillion

Who knows Japan Tora! Tora! Tora! has about a trillion in forex reserves? Now the government dip into their forex reserves. About 5 billion will be taken out to save the most popular national car maker, Toyota. Toyota asked for 2 Billion. Will Proton do the same thing? Wait and see.

Even The Largest and the Biggest Can Fall

Good point here. Don’t ever think that you are big, other people can’t smack you down. Without proper planning and proper management, you will fail in no time. Take Toyota for a good example. Toyota Motor ended General Motors’ 77-year reign as the world’s top selling automaker in 2008, but it has not been immune to the global economic downturn and expects its first ever loss in the current financial year to March.

Keep Low and Aim High

2009 is the best time to start your own business. Why? Everything will be cheaper this year. When the economy is bad then the demand will be lower. Businesses will try to push their product with a lower price. If they can’t sell, they will die. You can get manpower easily as most company have to retrenched their workers. It’s bad but they can’t do anything. New businesses can hire a professional for a lower wages. Start your business now and bear in mind, start small and plan properly. If you fail to plan means you are planning to fail.

Choosing to Start an Online Business?

With the current situation, I might say online business is still the best option to start. When people tend to be more careful in their monthly budget, now is the time. It is simply because they will choose to shop online rather than filling up petrol/gas to go and buy things.

Absorb the courier cost by put it in the selling price. Don’t mark up to high as customers will hate it. Don’t spend to much on advertising but focus on getting free mouth to mouth advertising. If you can get one satisfying customer, I am sure that he/she will tells other people to jump in to your virtual store.

Barisan Nasional & PKR

Stop pushing each other to the corner. It is better to unite and concentrate on developing the country. Don’t spend to much on the by-election. Don’t spend the money to much to buy other people soul. Help us on saving the our own tax money as we work around the clock to feed the government.

Till then, please consider other option before the economy domino’s effect comes to Malaysia, soon.


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