Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Is Change a RISK you Can Afford!?

As much as I would agree that location does open doors to opportunity, I also believe that opportunities are initiated and driven by an individual’s actions first. A simple example would be an individual wanting to create a network for himself but fearing approaching people and introducing himself. The change of surrounding may actual help by creating more opportunities but if the fear is not overcome, then the lack of action will place such person right where they started. It is ultimately up to you to drive the results you seek in life without blaming your circumstance, but it is up to you to also realize where you have hit a plateau and initiate change to grow even further.
When thinking about change, make sure to understand the reality behind why you seek change, not an excuse to get away from a failure and blaming circumstance rather than your own inability.
For those that have reached such plateaus and want to take the next step in life and upgrade yourself to a new standard of success, then please make sure you do so in a manner that will enable you to continuously grow rather than slow yourself down. Having adequate funds to be able to create a similar situation for yourself at your new location will be most important. Many take on a new life without proper preparation and simply are unaware of what’s to come. Make sure to understand the cost of change but also make sure to understand the cost of re-attaining your same status and not just falling behind as a result. Seeking growth on a constant basis is key and being able to place yourself in a good position is equally important.
Change is good and with change often comes new opportunity but is often missed due to the initial amount of work needed to succeed. More importantly, there comes a new standard of living and a changing environment. Many will want change as a measure of escape rather than growth and will find themselves at a disadvantage as the cost of change is often overwhelming and will set them back more than they can afford therefore putting them back many steps…
Just remember when seeking change that you need to remain focused on “growth” and not expect different results in different places.

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