Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Today is My Birthday

Today is the day when the Pen wrote my Name When the paragraphs had
Destined my loss and my gain.
Today is that day where 
An infant brought in
                                                       Had been named Me
For thats where story begins
Today I contemplate 
Years of waste
A year of transgression
And more to face.
Today is the day I celebrate 
The wretchedness of my fingers 
The uselessness in my time 
For today is the day
The pen wrote My Name.
Today is a memory of fires kindled 
Of sin and rebellion confided 
Today, a day of regret and grief 
For how many days were spend in misdeeds? 
Nay today is a day of sorrow 
And disparity, for every tear that
Was dropped without rationality !
Today marks what has been established 
And what , from it is missing.
Today is a lesson, virtue and a blessing 
Reminding a Soul of its chances 
A soul with breath, to make fresh changes.
Before the inevitable knocks in my fate! 
So when you bring the birthday Cake 
And You put the candles on the stake 
I remind you each candle marks
The burning flame of this Dunya’s Game
Every candle marks a struggle I withheld And A struggle untoldFor today the day the pen wrote my Name And today is the day 
I WAS born.....

Thank you emak and abah for bringing me into this colourful world........ 


  1. hye, i need ur support please folow me back k. tq :)

  2. wak nak ucap selamat harijadi tuuu.. eeee wak dah datang nih nak komen komennn.....