Sunday, 4 January 2009

Family is a place to go home
Family is a place to share
Family is a place to wait

Waiting for the end of the life
Waiting for saying goodbye
Waiting for gathering

The nurse me when I am sick
They help me when I am sorrow
They escort me to the funeral
They say their pray for me after I die

Cry touchily for my happines
Cry mournfully for my misery
Pay all my unsettled debt
Inherit everything i left behind

A place where Iam responsible for their exixtence
A place where they are responsible for my existence
A place where we are responsible each other

Although sometimes I forget and don’t realize it
Undeniably they really do a good turn for me
And What I have done for them?
Even I often forget to say my prayer for them

OoO Allah …
Forgive us and my father, mother,
Brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt,nephew
And everyone whom I consider and consider me as family
Make us a family who settle in Your Heaven in the Hereafter,

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